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System Recharging and Stretch Testing

Current legislations states that all Gaseous fire protection cylinders should be stretch tested after a period of 10 years from manufacture date, this includes all inert (ig55, IG541, IG100 etc) cylinders along with all chemical gas (fm200, Novec etc) it should be noted that only F-Gas certified engineers can carry out works on fluorinated Chemical gasses, all Firecheck engineers have received this training and Firecheck have company registration, F-Gas registration number F-0023-GB

In most cases Firecheck can offer “drop in” service replacement cylinders, this means that there will be very little down time required for your system.

All service replacement cylinders have a full 10 years before requiring a retest and have the relevant certificate available; all service replacement cylinders have a new date stamp added to them that can easily be seen by any inspection authority or service engineer.

All vehicles used by Firecheck to transport full or empty gas cylinders are specially designed for this task, also the drivers of the vehicles are ADR trained.

Firecheck would be happy to attend your site to inspect your cylinders and offer advice on the most economical way to carry out this work.

Please contact our service department to arrange a site visit.