Ancillary services

Whether it’s venting, extraction, a complete control and detection package, or a complimentary HSSD system we can supply the appropriate kit.

Our range of ancillary services are intended to provide additional support for your fire suppression installation.

Gas system control equipment

As part of a gas extinguishing system we are able to provide a fully compliant gas system control package to detect fire and operate the extinguishing package. See Detection and Alarms.

High sensitivity detection

In today’s high value environments, a means of detecting fire very early on is sometimes needed. We are able to offer high sensitivity smoke detection to pick up the first traces of fire even before visible smoke appears.

Pressure relief

Pressure relief is needed when a high pressure gas system is discharged into a room. A calculated amount of vent area is required to enable the initial pressure front created by the discharge to disperse. By calculating the pressure front created, we can supply a suitably sized relief damper for the risk.

Gas extract

After a gas system has discharged, the room needs to be ventilated and the discharged gas needs to be removed. We are able to provide a means of quickly and safely transporting the gas from the risk to the outside.

The extract equipment and relevant ducting can be operated from the gas extinguishing panel when required by the operator.

We are also able to provide a non-permanent portable device that can be stored away until needed.


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