FirePro Condensed Aerosol Suppression

Our team can design, supply and install FirePro systems to offer cost-effective specialist protection for Generator enclosures and Lithium-Ion battery stores

FirePro condensed aerosol works by inhibiting the chemical chain reactions present during a fire. As such, FirePro technology can offer an efficient and reliable form of fire suppression where more traditional extinguishing agents may have previously failed, for instance, in lithium-ion battery stores. Li-ion batteries don’t require oxygen to burn and therefore an inert gas suppression system, which acts to suppress a fire by depleting oxygen levels, is ineffective for this type of risk. FirePro however is capable of extinguishing chemical fires by interrupting the chemical processes that occur.

FirePro condensed aerosol generators can be operated by standard coincidence detection systems: once a fire has been detected an electrical signal is sent to the actuator on the generator which in turn heats the FPC compound within and causes it to change state transforming it from a solid into a rapidly expanding condensed aerosol.

FirePro products have a 15yr lifespan and are environmentally friendly with zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. The product has undergone numerous tests and is UL Listed and approved by LPCB and BSI.

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