Ansul kitchen suppression

Our specialist team can design a bespoke Ansul installation to cover kitchen equipment and ensure that a fire is extinguished quickly and efficiently.

Would your kitchen staff be ready to tackle appliance fires? Remove the need for human intervention and manage the risk by installing an Ansul R-102 suppression system. It’s a reliable and effective solution for protecting kitchens from fires and is tailor-made around your kitchen’s appliances, hoods and ducts.

How does it work?

The system operates automatically to efficiently extinguish fires with a low pH, non-corrosive agent. If the temperature near a detector rises too high the fusible link will separate and release the tension in the wire rope – this causes the nirtogen cartridge to become punctured and the gas then forces the extinguishing agent out of the tanks and through a series of pipework and nozzles which spray the protected equipment knocking down flames and cooling the source of ignition.

Firecheck Contracts Ltd are authorised distributors for Ansul R-102 products which allows us to supply, install and maintain these systems. Our qualified and experienced personnel can survey your premises to offer a bespoke UL300 system suited to a kitchen’s specific requirements.

Download the official ANSUL Product Overview

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Keep staff safe, protect your business and manage the risk by installing Ansul R-102.

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