Specialist pressure relief

Firecheck can offer a range of vents to suit an enclosure along with various accessories to meet the needs of the site.

Pressure Relief is required to protect the structural stability of an enclosure.

Pressure relief dampers (PRDs) remain closed under normal conditions but, upon a gas discharge, they open to relieve excess pressure and protect the structure of the enclosure. They close again afterwards to maintain the integrity of the room.

When designing a new system Firecheck will calculate the size of the damper required and will source and supply a suitable PRD for the risk.

Concerning existing systems that may require pressure relief dampers, our integrity testers can use their door fan test equipment to predict the maximum expected pressure in the room during discharge and will subsequently calculate the amount of venting required using the Retrotec FanTestic Integrity software.

As well as pressure relief dampers Firecheck can also supply a variety of accessories such as weather louvres and security grilles should they be required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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