Cylinder stretch testing

When it comes to 10yr testing our team will guide you through the available options to make sure you get the best solution for your business.

Current legislations states that all gaseous fire protection cylinders should be stretch tested after a period of 10 years from the manufacture date. This includes all inert cylinders (eg. IG55, IG541, IG100) as well as all chemical cylinders (eg. FM200, Novec).

It’s important to note that only F-Gas certified engineers can carry out works on fluorinated chemical gasses. All of our engineers have received this training – each holds an individual certificate – and Firecheck as a company is also F-Gas registered (our reference is F-0023-GB and you can view a copy of our certificate under the Certification section above.)

In most cases when cylinders become 10yrs old we can offer “drop in” service replacement cylinders, which means there will be very little down time required for your system: we take the old cylinders out and immediately install fully refurbished and newly certified replacements. All service replacement cylinders have a new 10yr lifespan before they require a retest and each will have had a new date stamp added to them that can easily be seen by any inspection authority or service engineer.

All vehicles used by us to transport full or empty gas cylinders are specially designed for this task. The drivers of the vehicles are ADR trained and all of our engineers complete regular manual handling training to ensure that the cylinders arrive at your premises safely.

We know from experience that not every job is straight forward but you can trust that we will always find a solution. We would be happy to attend your site to inspect your cylinders and offer advice on the most economical way to get your cylinders re-certified.

Please contact our service department to arrange a site visit.

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